…on the art of expression

1st Post …celebration??

I’ve stared at the face of ‘Dilemma of not posting on my Blog’ for too long.

I’m going through this transition ….where I am trying to re-configure my blogs or blogging in the current climate of E-Expressions if you will.

However, in this process …..I’ve found myself in a self-imposed rock and hard place?…place??   What does that mean? …..Well! ….I think I just over-thought everything ….from perfectionism to pseudo thinker’s-block ….it’s No wonder I imagined myself into an expression stand still.

So, it’s kind of obvious I practically tortured myself purple over the entire matter.   I even thought about …if I were standing in front of a big crowd …I mean a really big crowd of the major rock concert variety …..and had to explain my “Dilemma of not posting” …..what would I say??

Of course …I would be polite enough to first introduce myself ….then probably break into some song and dance of how everytime I thought of writing something …..got to my laptop ….and started keying in my “bright idea”? ….I’d soon after become over-wrought with the overwhelming notion of ….there might be other bright ideas??  ..Ugh! ….this is exactly why mind-control should never be over-rated!

Before I over-think this any further  ….it’s here and now ….and in the event of expressing the culmination of my frustrations of not posting ….I’ve managed to string together enough sentences worthy of becoming a post ….so, here goes!


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