…on the art of expression


I sometimes like to have a comedic love affair with words.  Take the word ‘superfluous’.  When I see or hear it? — I think of two things:

The first is a Souflee.  Apart from consonant similarities between the two words — there’s something about the way a Souflee poufs up and out when it’s baking — that just makes it seem so – “superfluous”.

The second is: when sounding the word — it almost feels like you have to channel some powdered-wig, knickerbocker with black patent 3-inch heels and bell-sleeves lined with lace cuffs ..touting — adorned with a long elaborate brocade coat-wearing Lawyer from the 1700s …or think, movie: ‘Amadeus’?

And O — picture this: ..he has his right foot posed forward with the left, leaning on some black lacquer walking-stick, bejeweled with Panther emerald eyes …and just as he should say the word?  His right fingers – twist the tip of his up-curled moustache ..and in a dramatic gesture — rolls it through the air in a fast swirl — then fervently sweeps it from left to right — all the while saying: Suuu-Per-Fluoooo-uuus!  lol

Fast-forward to here and now.  If you convert ‘superfluous’ into LA street-speak? — it becomes ‘super-flossin’, which ironically arrives at the same definition — to be “over-the-top”.  The urban dictionary defines ‘flossin’ as showy or excessive — so it’s only fair to assume ‘super-flossin’ is all about taking it to another level or just down right being – superfluous!

So, from soufless, powdered-wig Lawyers of the 1700s to LA lingo? ….it’s been a merry romp with ‘superfluous’.

Images: ..souflee (foodforfour.com) + costumes.org


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