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Mid-Spring Groove..

It’s  mid-way through Spring. The air still wears  the dewy scent of rain ..now laced with sweet pungence of blooming flowers and stray pollen.  What is there not to love about Spring?

It is the season for renewal — when the landscape is sprouting color, vibrance and everything smells of sunshine and song.  When translated to the immediate? — all I want to do is clean, organize, adorn and re-decorate.

Clean everything from jewelry boxes to the balcony.  Organize: e-files on the desktop, online …to even the dis-array of shoes.  Adorn the excitement and novelty of Spring fashion and accessories.  Re-decorate rooms with the aroma of a vanilla cake baking to a vase of fuchsia roses harmonized with lavender and eucalyptus.

This is my mid-spring groove …this kaleidoscope of color, sights, scents and sounds of the season.

Image: Spring-Bloom, Debra Hurd  fineartamerica.com