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Poem: Love and Pain, the beauty of…

It’s always a treat to unexpectedly find my old poems  …can’t remember exactly what inspired this …probably had much to do with self-explained title (..or as in usual observation of something/ someone?)

Love and Pain, the beauty of…

Like hands
that gently
a Heart

like power
can entice
the possibilities
of discovering
for Pain

..those same hands
can invoke
when it tightens
its grip
and squeezes
and yet so
receptive Power

©Timaima JMY

Sweet December

There is something about the energy of December that ushers in an almost candy-wanton, child-like excitement.

The ebullience, infectious.  I entertain a visual of running fingers through clusters of candy …and in a swirl enthused dance, throw them in the air and watch it spray down like cascading confetti..

The delicious anticipation of the Holiday Season and  all its rituals will unfold through the month like the slow unwrapping of a gift — only toward the end is ferociously ripped through …as everything culminate to firework explosions of New Year celebrations.

So, as we choose and decorate Christmas trees ..adorn everything with lights ..shop for gifts and prepare to celebrate with Family and Friends — I also look forward to sipping hot chocolate laced with Mexican spices and Rum — while tucked under a cozy blanket by a warm fire ..evenings.

Image: painting by Judy Unger ‘Candy Medley’