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Run Less ..Walk more

This is my first post of the year ..so on that note: A Happy, Hopeful 2011 and ‘Year of the Rabbit’ Wishes!
My year began with a “Bang!” …well, with the usual fireworks, parties and all that.. heehe!
It is now three weeks into February and I am still recovering from both the beginning of this and last year.. lol
Anyhow ..as I think back to the moment 2011 was toasted in — I remembered what a great 2010, I had — with the exception, it sped by so fast — it’s a bit of a blurr.

Like most of my years — 2010 was filled to its brim with Work, Projects and Activities – social and personal. (..this from a year I barely travelled ..phew!)
Apart from my head, and its endless mulling over ‘to-do lists’  …days and its nights were jam-packed with a schedule, where on average — most things are confirmed two weeks to months in advance ..and spontaneity a rare but coveted diversion.
It seemed like I was always running from one thing to the next.. (operative word: “running”)

There is always something or so many things to do, indulge or amuse oneself with — the perks of living between the city of San Francisco and Wine Country in Northern California.  Much as I appreciate all the wonderful things I have the privilege to enjoy — I couldn’t help but think it was missing its essence of “joie de vivre”.

Generally, I am good at being “present” in my moments ..but it is, in this one — I can understand and value the notion and need ..of being completely and wholly submerged.
When I was discussing this with a friend, they commented: “yes, you can’t see anything if you’re always speeding by”. I agreed.

So, for 2011 ..I’ve made a commitment to slow down — I am tired of running, I want to walk..
Since it would be unrealistic to expect myself to stop running altogether — I think, I’ll start with Run Less and Walk more..

A Stroll

Image: artistandart.org — ‘A Stroll’ ..by Czech Impressionist Artist: Antonin Slavicek (1870-1910)


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