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Poem: Here and Now

Sometimes when I write poetry on a whim – the half-hewn composition is thrown into a holding folder where it marinates ..before and at some point is eventually edited, polished and considerered a final draft. I was going through the folder and found this – which didn’t seem to need much tweaking..

Here and Now

The wonder
of walking up
to a tree
Picking its fruit
its succulence
..as its nectar
becomes Sense’s

A potion
with winds
of knowledge
becomes flames
of wisdom
Rise and reaching
into awareness:
The Universe
is nestled
in the palm
of my hands..

With this..
I raise arms
turn in a circle
Lift eyes
to the sky
See my heart
in the stars
Feel its beat
in the wind
Hear its song
in the throng
..of an elevated

Mind’s power
infinite doors
into its imagination
Takes us on a trip
to far away places
the undefinable
and embraces
the unexplained..

But, it is..
..right here
..right now
I look around
See a beauty
Feel an abundance
Hear a song
Sense an amazement
..and understand

is right here
..right now
On Earth..
Where I am.

©Timaima JMY

Note: ..one day I will write about what inspired this poem — it’s actually contrasting to its context and incorrigibly funny!