…on the art of expression

The New Year..

Often when I am overwhelmed — I remind myself to stand still, both physically and mentally. Right now I have much to say — so as a form of my verbal pause — here’s an excerpt from Rumi’s poem ‘This Eternal Play’..

“When I looked I could not see myself
By the magic of the moon’s light
my body dissolved into pure spirit
In this form I journeyed on
Merging with a boundless light
Then the secret of the eternal play
opened up before me..”

I am happy to welcome in a New Year — my 2012 was rough, tough, exhilarating, interesting, happy, sad but most of all transformative. A year that swung on a pendulum of extremes, tumult, unexpected changes and events yet punctuated with moments of excitement and happy.. Ultimately it ended on a sad note, resonated from a life-event and closing the year’s cycle of eventful tectonic changes.

So when I stood at the door of 2013 — I was excited to grab its knob, open and walk through to what I hope will be a year filled with the chance to appreciate the challenges I plowed through and from..


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