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Reading ..a Celebration

At work, a copy of this painting ‘The Valley of Arconville’ (c. 1887) by Theodore Robinson (1852-1896) …sits on a wall, just off the 2nd floor elevator door. It depicts a young woman sitting on a slope, comfortably on grass and reading.  Perched in natural surroundings, she is lost to the World …transported into her indulged tale.

Theodore Robinson 'Valley of Arconville'

Paintings of women reading, for me – often invoke an excitement and camaraderie – of Literature, to bask in and explore. A  sense of concentrated  immersion ..into a tale, an idea, another world – concrete or abstract. The energy leaps from the picture as an aroma of adventure experienced ..horizon expanded or frontier discovered. All within confines of mind, book, iBook, outdoors ..on the grass, amongst the trees – with scents and sounds mingled in a gentle breeze…

Claude Monet 'Dans la prarie'

So along the same vein of ‘Impressionism-Inspired’ ..Spring …and because I adore paintings of women reading – especially outdoors ..it’s only fitting there be a celebration of both.

Berthe Morisot 'Reading'

As we get into the last leg of Spring ..the pollen and ragweed still linger ..weather warms and effort to sprawl outdoors on grass, a mat, blanket… or cozied up in a comfortable chair with a good book…

Robert Reid 'Reverie'

..becomes an endless longing.


A Frenzied Stillness..

Claude Monet’s ‘hoarfrost near Vetheuil’ posseses a stark quietude.

But, what seems like ‘captured stillnes’ ..on closer inspection and depicted in its detail – is a frenzy of paintbrush strokes. Creating a visual bareness abound with hues of varied light and neutral tones – all in formation of miniscule tumult. An arrangement irregular, yet controlled.. A picture, complex in its austerity. A beautiful contradiction in stillness and frenzy.

I saw this painting last December. It was part of the exhibit: ‘Post-Impressionist Masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay’ at the San Francisco De Young. The Exhibit was the second installment of a Tour. An impressive collection on loan from the Musée d’Orsay’, Paris, France.

The entire exhibit was varied and wonderful …but this painting turned into one of my favorites. I guess amidst my frenzied December, it emanated a peace ..its solitude, resolute.

Poem: Spring Key

It should be illegal to be so busy.  I have to unwillingly admit to not paying my Poetry or Blogs the attention they deserve …but by some coronation of creative-cosmic dusting …I managed to miraculously whip up ‘Spring Key’.  So, before I begin posting anything about Summer ….I wanted to pay homage to one of my better Spring creations.

Spring Key

Of Spring

A scented wind
blows in the season
A revelation
of sweet and soft
Peel off
like rose petals
to the breezes
A sensory treat
on skin
of warm whispers
at the ear
with melodic humm
like slow roll
of thick honey
Whose amber glisten
as  tiny beads
of golden sucre
on  Tongue’s bed
A gentle treading
A tormenting teasing
As branches
of leaves
in Wind’s
swaying embrace
in Dance’s fervor
for Release
An offering
to gain Peace
As  a wafting
of a sound
Sweeps in
to coarse
an infection
of Play
A tingling
An excitement
gives way
to Disarmament
As the spreading
of Wings
turns a Key
to receive
The Season.

Copyright Timaima JMY