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32nd Annual MVFF

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The Mill Valley Film Festival started yesterday …..which will run through to next Sunday, the 18th.  I was perusing the list of Films that are being featured …and what an exciting ensemble of projects they have lined up??

The MVFF 09 is my first …since I missed out on MVFF 08 and this is the 2nd year I have lived in Marin  ….which is a mecca for Art and all things Film Festivals.  Having lived in Los Angeles for 20 years ….I developed an avid interest for Indie Film and a mad passion for personally wonderous-invoked projects.

Unfortunately for me and considering I was sick and out of commission for most things ….especially the pre-planning for seeing some of the projects ….I may actually be missing out on ‘Happy Tears’ …featuring a personal fave: Parker Posey …and also co-starring Demi Moore.

Of course most of the projects featuring known Hollywood names  …seem to have sold out ….names in point: Clive Owen, Uma Thurman and at the showcasing of their respective projects …’Croupier’ for Owens and ‘Motherhood’ for Thurman  ….they will also be doing open forum Q&As.

Last night I saw an opportunity to get into: ‘The Young Victoria’ starring Emily Blunt ….of ‘Devil wears Prada’  ….inclusive is the moonlight sail ‘Closing Night Party’ on the California Hornblower out of Sausalito …with great food and wine of course.  However …at this precise moment I have to shelve the idea ….as I am still at the tail end of recovering from my larynx infection.

Overall, I’m picking up the impression that a star-project is ‘Precious’ …..and judging from the Buzz? ….it’s loaded with powerhouse performances.

As a general plan ….I am considering a few projects to check out …if I hold out well mid-week …..it’ll come to as many projects as I can stomach (..or get into??) …..after all there still seem to be much available in the direction of the …Documentaries.

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