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iBooks Love..

I am in love obsessed with the iBooks app, on my iPhone!

Apple iPhone

Imagine an entire library of your favorite books – even books 1300 pages long ..all condensed in an application, stored on your cell phone?  Ah! The invention is practically THE phenom of the decade!

So, if ever I should be caught gazing at my cell with a giddy smirk or lost in some reverie? — it is only because I was bitten by the iBooks bug.

Now, when doing any kind of waiting or at whim – it’s such a treat to whip out the cell and immerse in a tale ..humdrum through debates and opines ..excite from literary musings ..or simply lose oneself in a poem ..sigh!

Image: tipb.com


Run Less ..Walk more

This is my first post of the year ..so on that note: A Happy, Hopeful 2011 and ‘Year of the Rabbit’ Wishes!
My year began with a “Bang!” …well, with the usual fireworks, parties and all that.. heehe!
It is now three weeks into February and I am still recovering from both the beginning of this and last year.. lol
Anyhow ..as I think back to the moment 2011 was toasted in — I remembered what a great 2010, I had — with the exception, it sped by so fast — it’s a bit of a blurr.

Like most of my years — 2010 was filled to its brim with Work, Projects and Activities – social and personal. (..this from a year I barely travelled ..phew!)
Apart from my head, and its endless mulling over ‘to-do lists’  …days and its nights were jam-packed with a schedule, where on average — most things are confirmed two weeks to months in advance ..and spontaneity a rare but coveted diversion.
It seemed like I was always running from one thing to the next.. (operative word: “running”)

There is always something or so many things to do, indulge or amuse oneself with — the perks of living between the city of San Francisco and Wine Country in Northern California.  Much as I appreciate all the wonderful things I have the privilege to enjoy — I couldn’t help but think it was missing its essence of “joie de vivre”.

Generally, I am good at being “present” in my moments ..but it is, in this one — I can understand and value the notion and need ..of being completely and wholly submerged.
When I was discussing this with a friend, they commented: “yes, you can’t see anything if you’re always speeding by”. I agreed.

So, for 2011 ..I’ve made a commitment to slow down — I am tired of running, I want to walk..
Since it would be unrealistic to expect myself to stop running altogether — I think, I’ll start with Run Less and Walk more..

A Stroll

Image: artistandart.org — ‘A Stroll’ ..by Czech Impressionist Artist: Antonin Slavicek (1870-1910)

Sweet December

There is something about the energy of December that ushers in an almost candy-wanton, child-like excitement.

The ebullience, infectious.  I entertain a visual of running fingers through clusters of candy …and in a swirl enthused dance, throw them in the air and watch it spray down like cascading confetti..

The delicious anticipation of the Holiday Season and  all its rituals will unfold through the month like the slow unwrapping of a gift — only toward the end is ferociously ripped through …as everything culminate to firework explosions of New Year celebrations.

So, as we choose and decorate Christmas trees ..adorn everything with lights ..shop for gifts and prepare to celebrate with Family and Friends — I also look forward to sipping hot chocolate laced with Mexican spices and Rum — while tucked under a cozy blanket by a warm fire ..evenings.

Image: painting by Judy Unger ‘Candy Medley’


I sometimes like to have a comedic love affair with words.  Take the word ‘superfluous’.  When I see or hear it? — I think of two things:

The first is a Souflee.  Apart from consonant similarities between the two words — there’s something about the way a Souflee poufs up and out when it’s baking — that just makes it seem so – “superfluous”.

The second is: when sounding the word — it almost feels like you have to channel some powdered-wig, knickerbocker with black patent 3-inch heels and bell-sleeves lined with lace cuffs ..touting — adorned with a long elaborate brocade coat-wearing Lawyer from the 1700s …or think, movie: ‘Amadeus’?

And O — picture this: ..he has his right foot posed forward with the left, leaning on some black lacquer walking-stick, bejeweled with Panther emerald eyes …and just as he should say the word?  His right fingers – twist the tip of his up-curled moustache ..and in a dramatic gesture — rolls it through the air in a fast swirl — then fervently sweeps it from left to right — all the while saying: Suuu-Per-Fluoooo-uuus!  lol

Fast-forward to here and now.  If you convert ‘superfluous’ into LA street-speak? — it becomes ‘super-flossin’, which ironically arrives at the same definition — to be “over-the-top”.  The urban dictionary defines ‘flossin’ as showy or excessive — so it’s only fair to assume ‘super-flossin’ is all about taking it to another level or just down right being – superfluous!

So, from soufless, powdered-wig Lawyers of the 1700s to LA lingo? ….it’s been a merry romp with ‘superfluous’.

Images: ..souflee (foodforfour.com) + costumes.org