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iBooks Love..

I am in love obsessed with the iBooks app, on my iPhone!

Apple iPhone

Imagine an entire library of your favorite books – even books 1300 pages long ..all condensed in an application, stored on your cell phone?  Ah! The invention is practically THE phenom of the decade!

So, if ever I should be caught gazing at my cell with a giddy smirk or lost in some reverie? — it is only because I was bitten by the iBooks bug.

Now, when doing any kind of waiting or at whim – it’s such a treat to whip out the cell and immerse in a tale ..humdrum through debates and opines ..excite from literary musings ..or simply lose oneself in a poem ..sigh!

Image: tipb.com


Bright Lipstick

Have you ever ran through your day at warp speed – only to catch your over-worked/scheduled, disheveled reflection, bring it to a nano-moment halt?

I recently had one of these moments.

Of course, after a quick gasp of disbelief — shifted into damage control mode: ..straightened the hair ..makeup didn’t need too much re-touching — since prefer “close to natural” for day wear …but my saving grace came through fuschia and wine fused, hued with orange luminescence, lipstick — befittingly named “Edgy”. I quickly popped that punch of color on the puckers and was once again ready for the World!

What would we do without these flash-moments to self-soothe and appease the over-buzzing energy ions?

Re-invigorating is part of the natural order of things …a projection point of the cyclical processes of our lives.  Whether you plan to soak in a milk or mud bath — or reach for a much deserved treat ..plans to indulge that inner weary-warriorrette should always be on the agenda. For these are necessary moments.  The ones that require a quick injection of ‘Spa Getaway’ to put that pep back in your step — twinkle in the eye?

So, for that little pinch of zest to reset the mundane to frenzy — Go On and break out that Bright Lipstick!

Image: Lancome

To Boot for Fall

D&G boots

For me, these are the boots that could start a Revolution …..the revolution of creative and fun choices for my Fall/Winter 09 wardrobe that is….

D & G ….knee-hi, burgundy grained leather with 3 & 1/2″gold toned heels ….aaaaahh! ..sigh! …obviously orgasmic!

Why do I love them so?? ….why would I be in love with boots from possibly 2 seasons ago??   Maybe because I’m a tad bored with the current selection? ….it’s all platform and pencil heels: ..makes for great legs/feet candy …but a bitch on the heel.  Thus the love affair with the thicker heel and eternal gratitude to Chie Mihara and her shoes.

My passion for wearing my boots gets so invigorated ….I like to carry the affair of having them On …for hours …rather then just a few?   I’m all for trendy ….just MY trends ….and yes it’s absolutely true! …I’m one of those people that sometimes gets turned On by a trend? …that’s on its way Out! ..LOL!

My truth in point …like most …is all about the belief that what you choose to wear? ..should be an extension of who you are ….and that’s exactly why I love these boots …they basically equate ensembles of my Wears: ….the metallic heel contrasted against the burgundy boot ….solid, clean, slick with a punch of pizazz!