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Poem: Love and Pain, the beauty of…

It’s always a treat to unexpectedly find my old poems  …can’t remember exactly what inspired this …probably had much to do with self-explained title (..or as in usual observation of something/ someone?)

Love and Pain, the beauty of…

Like hands
that gently
a Heart

like power
can entice
the possibilities
of discovering
for Pain

..those same hands
can invoke
when it tightens
its grip
and squeezes
and yet so
receptive Power

©Timaima JMY


Sweet December

There is something about the energy of December that ushers in an almost candy-wanton, child-like excitement.

The ebullience, infectious.  I entertain a visual of running fingers through clusters of candy …and in a swirl enthused dance, throw them in the air and watch it spray down like cascading confetti..

The delicious anticipation of the Holiday Season and  all its rituals will unfold through the month like the slow unwrapping of a gift — only toward the end is ferociously ripped through …as everything culminate to firework explosions of New Year celebrations.

So, as we choose and decorate Christmas trees ..adorn everything with lights ..shop for gifts and prepare to celebrate with Family and Friends — I also look forward to sipping hot chocolate laced with Mexican spices and Rum — while tucked under a cozy blanket by a warm fire ..evenings.

Image: painting by Judy Unger ‘Candy Medley’

Poem: Spring Key

It should be illegal to be so busy.  I have to unwillingly admit to not paying my Poetry or Blogs the attention they deserve …but by some coronation of creative-cosmic dusting …I managed to miraculously whip up ‘Spring Key’.  So, before I begin posting anything about Summer ….I wanted to pay homage to one of my better Spring creations.

Spring Key

Of Spring

A scented wind
blows in the season
A revelation
of sweet and soft
Peel off
like rose petals
to the breezes
A sensory treat
on skin
of warm whispers
at the ear
with melodic humm
like slow roll
of thick honey
Whose amber glisten
as  tiny beads
of golden sucre
on  Tongue’s bed
A gentle treading
A tormenting teasing
As branches
of leaves
in Wind’s
swaying embrace
in Dance’s fervor
for Release
An offering
to gain Peace
As  a wafting
of a sound
Sweeps in
to coarse
an infection
of Play
A tingling
An excitement
gives way
to Disarmament
As the spreading
of Wings
turns a Key
to receive
The Season.

Copyright Timaima JMY


Mid-Spring Groove..

It’s  mid-way through Spring. The air still wears  the dewy scent of rain ..now laced with sweet pungence of blooming flowers and stray pollen.  What is there not to love about Spring?

It is the season for renewal — when the landscape is sprouting color, vibrance and everything smells of sunshine and song.  When translated to the immediate? — all I want to do is clean, organize, adorn and re-decorate.

Clean everything from jewelry boxes to the balcony.  Organize: e-files on the desktop, online …to even the dis-array of shoes.  Adorn the excitement and novelty of Spring fashion and accessories.  Re-decorate rooms with the aroma of a vanilla cake baking to a vase of fuchsia roses harmonized with lavender and eucalyptus.

This is my mid-spring groove …this kaleidoscope of color, sights, scents and sounds of the season.

Image: Spring-Bloom, Debra Hurd  fineartamerica.com


I sometimes like to have a comedic love affair with words.  Take the word ‘superfluous’.  When I see or hear it? — I think of two things:

The first is a Souflee.  Apart from consonant similarities between the two words — there’s something about the way a Souflee poufs up and out when it’s baking — that just makes it seem so – “superfluous”.

The second is: when sounding the word — it almost feels like you have to channel some powdered-wig, knickerbocker with black patent 3-inch heels and bell-sleeves lined with lace cuffs ..touting — adorned with a long elaborate brocade coat-wearing Lawyer from the 1700s …or think, movie: ‘Amadeus’?

And O — picture this: ..he has his right foot posed forward with the left, leaning on some black lacquer walking-stick, bejeweled with Panther emerald eyes …and just as he should say the word?  His right fingers – twist the tip of his up-curled moustache ..and in a dramatic gesture — rolls it through the air in a fast swirl — then fervently sweeps it from left to right — all the while saying: Suuu-Per-Fluoooo-uuus!  lol

Fast-forward to here and now.  If you convert ‘superfluous’ into LA street-speak? — it becomes ‘super-flossin’, which ironically arrives at the same definition — to be “over-the-top”.  The urban dictionary defines ‘flossin’ as showy or excessive — so it’s only fair to assume ‘super-flossin’ is all about taking it to another level or just down right being – superfluous!

So, from soufless, powdered-wig Lawyers of the 1700s to LA lingo? ….it’s been a merry romp with ‘superfluous’.

Images: ..souflee (foodforfour.com) + costumes.org

Bright Lipstick

Have you ever ran through your day at warp speed – only to catch your over-worked/scheduled, disheveled reflection, bring it to a nano-moment halt?

I recently had one of these moments.

Of course, after a quick gasp of disbelief — shifted into damage control mode: ..straightened the hair ..makeup didn’t need too much re-touching — since prefer “close to natural” for day wear …but my saving grace came through fuschia and wine fused, hued with orange luminescence, lipstick — befittingly named “Edgy”. I quickly popped that punch of color on the puckers and was once again ready for the World!

What would we do without these flash-moments to self-soothe and appease the over-buzzing energy ions?

Re-invigorating is part of the natural order of things …a projection point of the cyclical processes of our lives.  Whether you plan to soak in a milk or mud bath — or reach for a much deserved treat ..plans to indulge that inner weary-warriorrette should always be on the agenda. For these are necessary moments.  The ones that require a quick injection of ‘Spa Getaway’ to put that pep back in your step — twinkle in the eye?

So, for that little pinch of zest to reset the mundane to frenzy — Go On and break out that Bright Lipstick!

Image: Lancome

For the sake of expression!

I suck!
I have badly neglected my blog!
Why is that important to me??
Simply because it comes down to neglecting an important avenue of personal expression.
And why is that important??
O! …I dont’ know ….it could be about constructively expressing what is on the mind or chasing your tail about what you really would like to say?
Uh?? ….I’mmm not sure I made sense back there??
O What the heck! …I had something to express …and I just did through a few nonsensical odd sentences!